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About Us

Get to know our team and the story behind K.B. Adventures!

Why Booking With Us?

We have created comfortable campsites for you to guarantee a high standard experience during your trek. Besides, our highly professional guides will take good care of you while you have an unforgettable experience in the high Andes Mountains. We commit to a sustainable development and support our local communities. Be part of our K.B. Adventures family and join us on our next trekking adventure!

  • Each place and activity is carefully picked by us
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Trek to Machu Picchu

How everything started ...

K.B. Adventures was founded in 2002 by Lola Acuña Salas, a proud Peruvian woman with a passion for travel and for sharing her beautiful country with the world. She had the dream to become a leading tour operator that offers unforgettable trekking experiences for adventurous travelers. Her vision has always been to support urban communities and operate in a sustainable way for the company, her workers and the natural environment. 

Founder of KB Adventures
Manager of KB Adventures

No matter how much the company had grown, Lola always wanted to establish a familiar environment within K.B. Adventures, so each member of the company feels part of the family.

Her son Brian and daughter Kamila decided to support Lola and her vision of K.B. Adventures. They love trekking and being in nature, which is why it is very important for them to create sustainable tourism that doesn’t harm Pachamama. In the Andean culture, Pachamama is an ancient female deity that represents “Mother Earth”. She provides food, support, and shelter to her inhabitants. It also represents a respectful relationship between human beings and nature based on the principle of gratitude.

K.B. Adventures Today

Today we employ over 60 local Peruvians as porters, horsemen, cooks, guides, drivers, campsite owners, photographers, web developers, office staff, and administrators. All of our employees are passionate about traveling and sharing their knowledge about their culture and country with you. Discover our day tours, treks to Machu Picchu and alternative trekking routes off the beaten track! Feel free to visit our office in Cusco – our expert team would love to create the perfect trek for you. Let’s create new unforgettable memories together!

Cooking Team of KB Adventures


Our mission has always been simple: share our beautiful country by offering a beautiful service, always upheld to the highest standards. We aim to educate, challenge, and inspire you on our tours and ensure you walk away with memories that last a lifetime.


We strive to become a leader in the tourism sector in Peru through our dynamic, engaging tours delivered with a high quality of service. We also recognize an increasing importance to find a sustainable balance between the expansion of tourism in Peru and in maintaining the welfare of our land and local communities.

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In 2021, we received the international safety certification against COVID-19. K.B. Adventures has implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Global Safe Travels Protocols, so that your trip with us is not only the best but the safest.

Our Guides

Our professional trekking guides are absolutely amazing! All of them are from local villages and speak Quechua, which is the native language of the Andes Mountains, Spanish, and English. They have a minimum of 3 years of guiding experience and are certified. Get to know our team and participate in one of our incredible treks!

Our Chefs

Our trekking chefs are geniuses! It’s hard to believe that they can prepare such nice meals with the limited conditions and equipment available on the trek. They are magicians in the mountains, and can also prepare vegetarian and vegan meals for you.